F pedal keeps slipping

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    Victoria on #188076

    Hi everyone, recently my F pedal just keeps slipping when I put it in the sharp position. It just won’t go in all the way, resulting in buzzing and sometimes it slips back to natural position altogether.

    I can still push it in all the way if I step on it really really hard. Any idea on why this happens and is there a simple fix? I hope it’s nothing too serioud. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Emily Granger on #188124

    I’m sure there is a simple fix, not just sure exactly what! Do you have a local harp regulator you can call? They should be able to do some simple adjusting. Maybe someone else out there knows an easy trick?!

    Deette Bunn on #188132

    Sounds like your pedal rod is not the right length –

    Victoria on #188134

    Unfortunately there are no harp regulators near where I live. I looked at the pedal this morning and realized that the felt has actually worn off until it has a big hole in the middle of it. I wonder if that is what is causing the slipping.

    Emily Granger on #188135

    That sounds like it is the problem! The pedal felts need to be in the right place for everything to be working properly. If you have everything necessary to change the felts I would start there. If you feel comfortable changing it yourself, it is really not that hard. For me, the hardest part is finding a place to put the harp up. A couch with lots of pillows usually works. Here is a video of harp regulator Jason Azem changing the felts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFuFMsKyC-E

    and here is a great article that explains everything and has lots of great pictures! http://www.harptech.com/Articles/Felts/Felts.html

    Plug in that hot glue gun and good luck!

    Victoria on #188147

    Thanks so much for the links, Emily. I must admit I find it daunting to do it myself, taking off the base and all…but I will order the felts and try to give it a go. I guess it will get less scary once you’ve done it once. I remembered being worried about transporting my harp in and out of the car to venues, when I first got the harp LOL.

    Sid Humphreys on #188148

    The above links are “pretty good” but it is better in Carl Swanson’s book, “A Guide For Harpists.” It illustrates how to lay the harp on the floor and how to lay the harp on (3) chairs which I prefer. Also better graphics on winding the felts. I find it easier to use carpet thread that has been waxed to make the stitching easier. Its really a simple job, just follow the instructions. I was sloppy one time before a performance and the winding didn’t end on the opposite side from which I started… didn’t bother me until the next evening (at a performance with a vocal soloist with a sold out audience of 1,700), during a dramatic pause in the song from Oliver, “Where Is Love,” my E pedal slipped from natural to sharp! It was loud and yes, there was a boom mic at the base of the harp! I will never forget the GLARE from conductor Tim Seelig because the harp was 6 feet away from him, in the front of the choir and orchestra! LIKE I DID THIS ON PURPOSE! LOL! Fixed the problem that night and everything was perfect for the next night’s performance.

    Victoria on #188187

    Thanks Sid. I have ordered the book as well along with the felts. Wish me luck in changing it 🙂

    I have to admit that I did not realize that the felts are so important for the pedals to function properly. Also I wonder how I manage to put a hole in it (futher checks revealed that I have also manage to worn the felt on the G pedal, it is torn but not all the way through like the F). I know I did not practice that much. Lol.

    Alison on #188193

    As my neighbor supplied the glue gun he also helped me do the job and an extra pairs of hands and eyes on the process was invaluable, especially as it was my first time doing felts.

    patricia-jaeger on #188217

    I am so glad it was only a re-felting problem. Sometimes looking for a used harp instead of a new one, be quite sure to bend down and see if the pedal holes have nice sharp edges. If the previous owner played lots of jazz, and also used pedal “slides” frequently, that harp would have somewhat rounded-off edges of the holes so that the pedals would have an inclination to slip upward out of the sharp or natural setting. You ought to pass that harp by, and go to find another one where the previous owner played more conservatively. Otherwise the whole, removable base of a harp would need to be replaced, back at the factory where it was first made. EXPENSIVE!!

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