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    eliza-morrison on #120652

    I am really enjoying the “Ten things you didn’t know about _______” series on this website. It confirms for me, again, what I’ve always observed: musicians who are passionately engaged in music-making are passionately engaged in life in general. They are happily involved with family, friends, learning, nature, pets, travel, cooking, reading, sports, and many other things. They dig into life with gusto. They live enthusiastic, “juicy” lives. Good reminder and very inspiring!

    Kimberly Rowe on #120720

    Thank Eliza! We’re enjoying it too! This started as a way to feature performers at the Lyon & Healy festival, which starts today, but perhaps we will keep it going. Anyone In particular you’d like to see featured?

    eliza-morrison on #120875

    How about Ann Hobson Pilot? I think she would be great to interview (and read about).

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