Electric Harps

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    taras on #245735

    What is your favourite electric harp and what features make it your favourite?

    emilyrosner77 on #245825

    My favourite electric harp is my little big blue made by Camac which I ordered in black. It has a pick up on each string and has 3 outputs which separates the bass, mids and treble resonance. There is an additional pick up inside the sound box with a further output.

    The result is a beautiful clear and fully customisable blend of each sound source.

    The soundbox is reduced in size to manage the acoustic resonance which acoustic harps with mic’s or pick-ups struggle with on a stage with other electric instruments and drums.

    I have used it for recording in my home studio as well and have been really happy with the sound achieved recording it “in the box”.

    It is also comparatively light and petite making it great for regular live shows.

    I have some examples of this harp being played on my website below.

    Happy harping!



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