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    jane on #74222

    First, thank you: I’ve read lots of this community’s posts and seen a great deal of sensible advice, and you seem like good-natured people. I’m glad you exist!

    My question is, does anyone know anything about EMS (Early Music Shop) harps? Is their sound good, are they made well, do they have unpleasant qualities I should know about? I’m looking at the Regency and the Voyager models from Music Maker, but EMS looks promising too. (Lyon & Healy et al. are out of my price range.)

    If it matters, I’m fairly certain I’m going to be an incompetant but cheerful

    barbara-brundage on #74223

    They sell the harps made in Pakistan, I believe. If you do a google search of this site for “Pakistani harps” you will get beaucoup opinions.

    william-weber on #74224

    EMS harps are made in Pakistan, but are more upscale than the ordinary Mid-East instruments. I have one of the Round Back group which is solidly made but doesn’t produce much sound from its modest-sized birch soundboard. It might take higher tension and still stay in one piece. The biggest issue is consistent placement of pins, because you may get one where some levers just won’t tune well.

    If I had it to do over, I’d run up to the North Shore and buy a Dusty Strings Ravenna 26.

    darth-mom on #74225

    Hi Jane,
    I don’t know much about them, but have you considered a Harpsicle?

    sherry-lenox on #74226

    Have a look at the Blevins Harps website. Their special priced harps are very nice. I have an Avee that sounds wonderful.

    jane on #74227

    Thank you! I figured you guys would know. I’ll keep looking (and collecting cans for the deposit money 🙂 )

    rod-wagoner on #74228

    Don’t neglect Stoney End harps.

    atlanta-harp-center on #74229

    Hello Jane-

    The EMS harps can be a bit like rolling the dice.

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