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    Laura Adams on #166581

    I wondered if any other young harpists had advice on where they shop for dresses for playing at concerts, weddings etc.? I have just started performing for various events and really want a dress that I can wear in a church and for other events- maybe something in beige. I looked at the other advice on the forum but all the things reccomended were a bit too old- I’m 20. Any suggestions?

    PS I live in UK so recommendations for website would be best

    Tacye on #166582

    Some of my favourite harping dresses came from Monsoon’s sales.

    laura-palmieri on #166583

    I am 22 and also a poor college student but I actually find a lot of beautiful dresses at my local thrift shops and second hand stores. They are inexpensive and they are very unique for playing the harp. When I was in England, I saw a couple of

    patricia-jaeger on #166584


    Bridesmaid dresses might be another source. One harpist I know has a beige Jessie McClintock lacy dress bought on sale, that is highly appropriate for any age harpist.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166585

    I think the style is the main thing. Depending where you are playing, you want to look professional more than fashion-conscious. You need functional outfits, too. Too-long skirts can interfere with pedaling, and too-frilly outfits are distracting or noisy when you move. Being in England, hats are another issue. I believe they are standard for churches, so perhaps there are very small ones you can wear to one side away from the harp. I think you would also want a simple, black dress that you can wear for funerals and church services. You can accessorize to accent the look. Pins, belts, scarves are all very flexible. I do find that women who wear very fashionable outfits while playing detract from their playing if the dress calls attention to itself. One harpist did a recital in a dress with a twenty-foot train, and it overshadowed her program. I think good costume jewelry is also something to look into, necklaces and earrings, especially vintage pieces.

    barbara-brundage on #166586

    >One harpist did a recital in a dress with a twenty-foot train

    Who was this, Saul?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166587

    Should I even say? I remember it as Isabelle Morreti’s debut recital in New York, but I wouldn’t swear to it, it might have been someone similar, it was a long time ago.

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