Dreem Harps

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #109641

    The Kremlin:

    sporting an onion dome atop the column, the harp column is fluted with red veneers and gold leaf, with a string of pearls just under the dome.

    The Parisian:

    The column replicates in miniature the Eiffel Tower.

    The Pisan:

    Need I say the column is a replica of the famous tower, and when you pull the harp back to play, it is at the exact angle of the Leaning Tower.

    The New Yorker:

    A combination of the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, no King Kong.

    The Sky-U-Mah: (Minnesotan)

    Uses a natural birch trunk as a column and the sound-board is decorated with red maple leaves and mosquitoes.

    The Vegan:

    The column is a chinese eggplant, is all made of recycled materials, is not guaranteed to do anything, the strings are made of soy product.

    Karen Johns on #109642

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! ;-)

    unknown-user on #109643

    Made of flame proof asbestos materials, so that the onboard natural gas flame unit and pyro-technics launcher does it no damage otherwise.


    Gillian Bradford on #109644

    Made of a silvery wood incredibly light for the size of the harp with mithril silver strings. Will play itself if left on a riverbank under moonlight

    unknown-user on #109645

    Crowned with a Ring of Power…or who would dare take on the One Ring…The power to play any music!…”not dark

    Geri McQuillen on #109646

    The “Blackharp”

    Has a black flag with skull and crossbones at the top of the column, a treasure chest full of plunder at the base and real gut strings (one can only wonder where those came from).

    harp guy on #109647

    The Crystal harp,

    A harp made of crystal and finely spun glass, and silver strings. Light to carry, strong enough to withstand bumps and bruises, and the luscious sound of the most expensive pedal harps. 🙂

    The Leggo my Eggo harp.

    A harp made of brightly colored

    Leigh Griffith on #109648

    The “Perfect Player” harp that would always draw our hands to the correct strings with perfect technique (programmable as to style) and sound just the way we need it to sound at any given time. Concert Grand? no problem. Bray harp? Yup! Wire strung? Great! Celtic? Perfect.

    kay-lister on #109649

    The perfect harp for me would be one that would automatically draw my fingers to the correst strings so that I could be transformed into the harpist that I want to be. Heaven help me – last nights lesson was a TRAIN WRECK! My brain and my fingers neither one were working!!!!!!

    :-( Kay

    kay-lister on #109650

    That would be CORRECT – see, they still aren’t working!

    tonie-ogimachi on #109651

    The Haida Harp (from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska):

    Cedar column carved with Salmon, Bear and Eagle totem.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #109652

    I love that idea.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #109653

    How about the faces of Hasselmans, Renie, Salzedo, Grandjany and Tournier???

    andy-b on #109654

    As long as they’re all on the front of the column…I have performance nerves enough as it is, I certainly don’t need Hasselmans, Renie, Salzedo, Grandjany and Tournier all staring at me while I play!


    tonie-ogimachi on #109655

    Now that would be quite a totem for a harp column!

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