Dragonheart Harp (Heartland harps)

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    Minnesota Harpist on #159492

    Does anyone here own one of these and what do you think of it?

    sherry-lenox on #159493

    Hi Carol- When I started 2 1/2 years ago, I was in your boat- I could afford to have anything I wanted.

    Cooler heads (not mine) prevailed, and I bought a THormahlen Serenade which served me extremely well. The Dreamweaver is, I think, also a very fine student harp. Many people here play them.

    The problem with purchasing a more expensive harp earlier on is that you really don’t have a way of knowing what you yourself will need and/or want as you begin to play with more facility.

    I absolutely swore that I’d never be interested in pedal harp, yet, as these things go, I’m presently waiting to get my hands on one. And you just can’t tell until you get farther along. There are very lovely harps available that will give you the satisfaction you crave but can be added to your “stable” if you decide to extend yourself in another direction. The tone on my Serenade is wonderful, and I doubt that I’d ever want to trade it or sell it, but I can’t wait to get a pedal harp.

    Kay Lister may post- she played a Thormahlen Swan for several years before adding a Lyon and Healy pedal harp to her string mates.

    Minnesota Harpist on #159494

    Thanks Sherry- I do understand what you are saying and agree with you- I know one should not rush in.

    Minnesota Harpist on #159495

    More thoughts on this… Sherry, it sounds as tho you will be getting a pedal harp, and also keeping your Serenade?

    Maria Myers on #159496


    Why did you decide to start playing the pedal harp?

    Michaela Braveman on #159497

    Hi Carol,

    My personal suggestion is to follow your gut feeling and also, take your time to make a decision!

    My personal harp journey began almost two years ago. All my life I had an admiration for the harp, but never considered myself musically talented. So, unlike you, I started out with no

    Zen Sojourner on #159498

    Are you sure about the pricing?

    Minnesota Harpist on #159499

    Zen, not quite sure what you mean about the pricing.

    Minnesota Harpist on #159500


    Michaela Braveman on #159501

    Yes, it is a big decision, but I really believe if you take your time, do your homework and follow your gut feeling, you will end up with the right harp! As for being able to play them, I think that is VERY important. Call the harp makers (Hearland, Thormahlen etc.) and ask them if they can match you up with somebody near you that has one of their harps. That’s what I did! I live on the California Central Coast with no harp store anywhere near around me. I ended up taking a 90 minute drive to San Jose one day to play and test drive somebody’s Swan. It is important that you do that and the harp makers do realize that and will do their best to match you up with somebody!

    In my own personal opinion, going with a smaller harp craftsman is the way to go! What you will end up is a truly unique instrument rather than buying one of the floor from a harp store that

    Minnesota Harpist on #159502

    An “ah-ha” moment happened- you thought I meant it was only $600 difference in cost!

    jennifer-buehler on #159503

    Are you the one that lives in the upper midwest (somewhat near Stoney End harps)?

    Minnesota Harpist on #159504

    Yes, I do know it is VERY individual.

    Minnesota Harpist on #159505

    I should maybe also explain why I am looking soooo hard.

    janet-daugherty on #159506

    Hi Carol,

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