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    rurfer on #184467

    I will be playing for a Downton Abbey dinner and cocktails in January. I am looking for a harp arrangement for the theme song (not too hard given the short lead time) and suggestions for other appropriate music to play during the event. Thanks

    Andelin on #185033

    I know it has been a while and this comment may be too late, but hopefully it will help.

    You could look up downton abbey music on You can print straight from the site or download the free software to make changes to a score.

    sophiegrafharp on #256730

    Also late but perhaps helpful for future gigs…

    I learned this piano suite that includes all (most?) of the recognizeable musical themes throughout the series. It’s pretty playable, except that the LH eighth notes are tiring and not very comfortable on harp. I edited to play them when necessary but drop to quarter notes or take notes in the RH when possible. Not fun, but doable. People do enjoy how recognizable it is, especially for the first page or two. There’s some beautiful “sweeping English countryside” half note stuff near the end too for a break!

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