Double-strung harp?

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    laurence-furr on #155007

    Hello. My name is Laurence Furr. I am a professional musician with degrees in organ performance and a Ph.D. in music history. However, I know NOTHING about harps but am about to enroll in the clinical musician program offered through harpsforhealing.

    I am trying to decide what kind of harp to get. I’d like a lever harp and have been advised that a double-strung harp offers so much more sound and room for both hands. I want a harp that is fairly light but not necessarily a lap harp (although I would consider a lap harp.) Being an organist and playing for lots of weddings, I’d also like to learn harp so that I could play prelude music for weddings.

    I’ve looked online at mostly Rees and Stoney End. And also Dusty Strings. I’d like some good bass and a nice mellow tone. I’ve never touched a harp in my life but have hired pedal harpists for choral accompaniments at the Lutheran church where I am Director of Music.

    Please send any advise you might have. I’ve been told that Rees is the Cadillac of the lever harp world. I’d love to buy one but it’s hard to shell out about $4000 when I’ve never even seen one except online. The Stoney End “Even Song” lap harp sounds good online but I also love the Rees “online” sound too.


    Sherri Matthew on #155008

    Hi Laurence,

    I’m an organist too (and made the switch to harp). Welcome! There are a lot of really nice lever harps out there. I play wire-strung harp, but the technique is a bit different from the nylon ones. I too, am interested in eventually learning to play double-strung, but for now am happy with my Triplett Luna.

    If wire isn’t your thing, I’ve read a lot of good things on the forums here about Dusty Strings and Stoney End harps, although I’ve never touched one. I’m sure a lot of people here can point you in the right direction to a good affordable model in their line-up. I wouldn’t think you’d have to go for broke to get a nice harp.

    Maybe you might want to visit a music store to see how you like their sound?

    maryann-koch on #155009

    I would call Cindy Blevins Kleinstuber at Blevins harps.

    Rachel on #155010

    I play both double and single-strung harps.

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