Do you name your harp?

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    goatberryfarm2010 on #220534

    I’ve been thinking of naming my harp out of Celtic myth. She will be Ceridwen, bringing new life (harping) & wisdom (hopefully).
    I’m not a pagan; I merely love mythology && couldn’t think of a better name given my age & circumstances…
    So… have you named your harp(s)?

    Jerusha Amado on #220558

    Yes! I have a wonderful Dusty 36S in maple named “Gabriel”.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #220585

    Ooh, that is wonderful! A friend named her huge loom, Queen Esther.

    jsmoir on #220871

    LOL -Yes, I’m naming my harp. I’m getting a used pedal harp that has been delayed in arriving for months (I saw/played/chose it in MAY) due to moving, summer, heat, Hurricane Florence, etc. But it arrives soon…..

    It’s a Salvi ‘Diana’- and, as our daughter is also so named, the harp already had her name chosen… Now, whether it’s named for/after the Princess of Wales, or the Goddess of the Hunt, it’s still a lovely name, with rich musical and harpistic allusions.

    I’m a happy man, in any event. Now,’all’ I have to do, is add pedals to the mix…. umm, yeah.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #220887

    It sounds as if you have a multitude of blessings in your life! Hoping the newest Diana will lead you to the perfect music. And pedals!

    Sylvia on #220960

    Both of my harps have names.
    My LH15 is Hyacynth. (with two Ys because I misspelled it at first, so I decided to keep it that way)

    She is named after a Mid-Eastern poem:

    If thou of fortune be bereft
    And to thee alone two loaves are left
    Sell one, and with the dole
    Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

    My Aoyama Étude is Niña, Spanish for little girl.
    She was born in Japan, her genre is French (Étude), and her given name is Spanish. Very cosmopolitan.

    tanyanoel on #221007

    A very timely topic for me right now, this weekend I purchased my first pedal harp and am trying to decide on a name for her 🙂

    My other 2 lever harps are named after Battlestar Galactica characters, one is ‘Boomer’ and the smaller one is ‘Boxy’, there is a character named Athena in the TV series but since that is also the model of my harp I am not sure I want to name her that!

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    hearpe on #221100

    Although I’ve assigned my harps permanent numbers to designate their place in the celestial warrior heathens, and after careful consideration, their Goddess has granted them each a name that lesser tuned mortals may refer to them as-

    Therefore- my new 26 wire strung Musicmaker Limrick should be henceforth be addressed by common mortals as ” Lord da Oil Vey Der”, or risk having their breath taken away only to have to ask four m,ore.

    My larger firstborn, tribe of Mikel Celtic 34 shall be known as “Heatroah Om, ore”

    His smawler Mikel 22 glissbring must be summoned only as “THOUFU EL”, to ensure his correctum symphonic race course ordure.

    My Stoney End Eve will fulfill the dictates of her larger 66 Vietnamenclature reefered to as merely “Be Amish Boy 33”

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    hearpe on #221130

    Egats! I have forgotten one of the children- the recent edition 26 Sharpsicle, who has gained more disfavor for being delivered only last spring with scant sharping levers that resemble not either the “modified Robinson” levers of their description, nor those being still pictured in national corporate advertising, and thus defying the addition of more which was my own hope while not hoping to spend more than the tidy sum since raised yet higher again.

    So to the offspring of my birthplace and fourmore state, specifically more Rising Sun Indiana- more local to the scripturally dire SINcINnnati (D&C somewhere)- Mine Own Son will be hencefort known as “Inra the Annuled”.

    that is all.

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    hearpe on #221512

    If I had a pedal harp, I’d probably call it “MOOLAH” except I already have a ukulele called that, so that would be repetitive and wouldn’t work. SPEAk easy!

    Charles on #223766

    My kids usually have their names before I’ve finished building them. The ones that come to me already built take a little time to name.
    He’s who I have at the moment.
    Georgio the Wurlitzer.
    Carl Sasha the Erard.
    Zebdiaha the big lever harp covered in zebra wood veneer.
    Orem Phantos cross strung.
    Lil boy small Gothic diatonic harp.
    Larry my oldest living lever harp made by me.

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