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    Hello everyone,

    J P

    I think gifts would be quite expensive with a studio that size.


    The question I have to ask is how did you get the jump in students!


    Misty Harrison

    I’d love to know how you got so many students too. I have a lot but it took a while to get them. Since I have so many I have to be really careful of what I give students but I also feel bad when they give me Christmas presents, etc. So for Christmas I write them a card for them and for their families and I give them a small bag with little candies in it. This probably means I spend $20 total for the candies, cards, and little bags.

    For recitals I give a flower to each student like a daisy or carnation and at the end of the year recital I give a harp pencil. I also watch out for unexpected harp items and I have also cut out stickers from Lyon and Healy because they come six on a sheet so if you cut it up it saves money and is something nice for the students. Lyon and Healy has tons of these stickers and students never mind getting another sticker.


    Janelle, I give


    Considering the hundreds of dollars in income I generate from each student yearly, I gladly spend between five to ten dollars per student at Christmas (I give them each a movie pass, which you can buy in bundles from websites) and at their recital in June (a $5

    Misty Harrison

    Brian, these are some great ideas. Even though I have a lot of students I have too many expenses to spend $5-$10 on them right now but I like a lot of your ideas and will try them. I do a lot of good business practice and you’re right that this fits in to that too. I hadn’t thought about that before.


    My teacher gives us really thoughtful little gifts at Christmas……containers of high-end hand creams (which I treasure because I have really dry hands from washing them all the time), a couple of nice Godiva chocolates, and maybe a “Hello Kitty” pencil or something cute like that…..always packaged beautifully, and you feel like “Gee, she was thinking of me!!” kind of gift….the best kind.



    Hmmm. I never got material gifts from my harp teacher. Her attention, praise and encouragement were the best gifts ever. I think if she had ever given me a material gift it would have felt awkward.


    Yes, I think it is inappropriate unless the students are giving you gifts, beyond inexpensive harp trinkets or engraved pencils. I think I may have been given practice records,


    Hi Janelle,

    I give my students something at Christmas.

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