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    judy-wong on #156854
    Dear all, do you know how can i get discount from L n H? I want to buy a new harp or a used harp from it. I asked the company if it offers discount and it replies no. I believe there is some dealer programme? Thank you.
    deb-l on #156855

    Lyon and Healy has great deals on their CPO (certified pre-owned) harps.

    tony-morosco on #156856

    The only time I know of that Lyon and Healy discounts harps was when they were discontinuing a particular model. My style 85 I got at a discount because it was no longer going to be produced, replaced instead with the Chicago line.

    There may be some kind of scholarship programs that can help a student pay for a harp, but I don’t think that any harp maker regularly discounts harps.

    rod-c on #156857


    This wouldn’t help you on your first harp, but LH also has their “bounty” program on trade ins. It may be of interest to you in the future.

    If you buy a harp from them and then upgrade to another harp within 5 years, they will give you full price on

    judy-wong on #156858

    Thank you very much for your advice Rod C. I just started harp, so don’t know what to do. More troublesome is i don’t live in the States and UK. Sigh.

    judy-wong on #156859

    Thank you for your advice Tony. I’m no longer a student and i’m a beginner…….plus I’m not American……….so very unlikely i could get a scholarship……… were so lucky!!!!! Thanks again.

    judy-wong on #156860

    Thank you for your advice Deb L. You teach me alot!!!!

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