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    unknown-user on #163990

    hi, i’m trying to put together a short recital of harp pieces under the theme ‘100 years of harp music’ but i can’t find any information about when some of my pieces were composed! i really need dates/other info about:

    pierne’s impromptu caprice

    godard’s etude de concert

    does anyone know when these were composed/any other info?


    joan-steinberg on #163991


    carl-swanson on #163992

    1887 sounds too early to me for the Impromptu Caprice. I had always heard that it was the competition piece at the Paris Conservatory the year Salzedo got his first prize, which is the reason that he taught it to all of his pupils. That would put its composition somewhere around 1900.

    zoraida-avila on #163993

    Hello, Hannah!
    Gabriel Pierne’s Impromptu-Caprice Op. 9 was composed in 1885 (composer was 22).
    That’s only I can help you with.
    Hope you will find Godard’s work.
    Zoraida Avila

    Anonymous on #163994

    I was not aware that Benjamin Godard wrote anything for harp.

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