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    hannah-anderson on #62115

    Hello all,

    I am beginning work on the Debussy Danses, and while the Danse Sacree is fairly straightforward, I would like to have a look at some editions for the Danse Profane. I’ve looked back at some earlier HarpColumn posts on this subject and people have mentioned “Renie’s version” and “Salzedo’s version”. . . but I’m not sure where to find these. Do they exist as actual publications? Or are they just generally accepted pedallings/fingerings for the piece?

    I’d appreciate any help! Thanks!

    Alison on #62116

    Don’t think it’s fingered particularly but Fabrice Pierre’s 2006 transcription, 30 euros, is much better, accuracy wise, by which I mean he has corrected unnecessary enharmonic changes and extranious pedalling inserted by Renie. Renie made the first transcription for pedal harp from Debussy’s score, published by Durand. Any references to Salzedo in the forum entries concerns the 8 or so bars in the dreaded Animez. Also, Renie and Debussy split figures and simple runs of notes between staves, in order to indicate hands/fingering but I found this makes it harder to read, digest and finger oneself especially when the hands are ‘wrong’. Check out the original score on the imslp site, as it’s a free pdf file so worth printing it to study. Probably time someone did a crib sheet on this piece but there are better players /teachers than me here on this forum and so far I have only rehearsed it with the strings.
    Anyway the least obvious cheat when opening the Profane is to use the Fb set for later, makes those fast chords in both hands easier to place.

    richard-hagan on #62117

    Hi Lynn —

    I looks like you can two different arrangements (one with part for piano and one without) by Henriette Renie from (I am making an educated quess that this is the version that Markus Klinko recorded on the album “French Impressions” — I found a copy via Amazon Marketplace.)

    There are also various arrangements available from

    I did not see any that were by Carlos Salzedo.

    As a sidelight, it does not surprise me that Henriette Renie made an arrangement because I know that she composed some chamber pieces for harp that are very similar to the arrangement of the Debussy that Klinko plays on the above mentioned album.

    Regards, Richard

    hannah-anderson on #62118

    Thank you very much to both of you! I look forward to working through these different versions!

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