Cross Country drive with Pedal Harp….

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    tanyanoel on #225153

    I am currently debating weather to drive my personal Pedal harp from LA to NYC (I have a large SUV) so I can practice while I am working in NYC for about 3 month vs. renting a harp while there. I realize I could ship my harp, but I would prefer not to do that.

    So, has anyone had experience doing a 4-5 day drive with your pedal harp? Did you have it in a soft case or packaged with a box and foam?? Advice?

    Miriam Shilling on #225154

    Hi there. I’ve traveled on several occasions with my pedal harp in the back of my car (I live in NM and my family is in NY). On longer visits east, I like to have my harp with me. Summers and winters make me more nervous than the more moderate weather of spring and fall, but my harp has survived all trips with nothing more than the occasional broken string. I only have my harp in its usual soft cover. Here are a few hints garnered from my own experience. Traveling with a harp is almost like traveling with a big dog! 🙂 If you stop for a meal or a break, always keep the outside temperature in mind. Try to park in the shade and crack the windows if it’s hot. If it’s really cold outside, you might want to bring a spare car key so you can leave your engine on and your heat running for the few minutes you’re away from your car. Unless the temperature is very moderate, I tend to grab food to go and eat in the car. This is a bit inconvenient, but I bring my harp into the hotel room with me each night. I usually stay in cheap-o motels, so that always gives the desk attendant a laugh. A few more hints. On really cold trips, I cover my harp with a blanket to keep out drafts, especially down at the feet. On hot days, I cover the harp with a light-colored blanket so it reflects the sun and won’t get so warm. Use your heat or air-conditioning to keep yourself comfortable, and your harp probably will be. Good luck, and happy travels!

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    tanyanoel on #225156

    Thanks Miriam!!! Did you loosen the strings at all for your trip or leave them as is?

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    Miriam Shilling on #225490

    Tanya, no, I did not loosen my strings. I left them as is.

    Charles on #230874

    Back in April I flew to Vegas rented a MASSIVE suv drove to Arizona to pick up a harp. Returned to Vegas built a padded base and upper cover from moving blankets. The following morning I swapped out the giant 2019 Ford Explorer for a smaller suv and drove from Vegas to Ann Arbor Michigan. The harp did fine!

    tanyanoel on #230877

    Thanks Charles, great to know!!!!

    Charles on #233238

    You’re welcome, sorry the pictures I tried to send didn’t go through.

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