Creating sheet music from a recording (Sibelius, Finale, etc)

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    lindsay-buffington on #258413

    I am a professional harpist and harp teacher, based in Switzerland. One of my advanced harp students is doing her final high school project on writing for the harp. She is writing her own pieces for the harp, and she needs to create sheet music for her compositions in order to complete her project. Her composition method is mostly through improvisation. She is running into an issue with MuseScore in that she doesn’t know how to input some of the complex rhythms that she is playing. She is looking for a way to record herself and then use this as input for a music notation software program in order to create accurate sheet music. I know that this kind of program/option exists for piano and guitar, although I’ve heard that the results are only mediocre, but does anyone know of a program that also works with harp? Thanks very much for any tips!

    Gretchen Cover on #258438

    I have been working this past year with Basil Alter to transcribe hymns recorded by Louise Trotter on an album titled Sacred Treasures. You can hear it on Bandcamp. Basil has transcribed the music from the recording and I have done the editing on behalf of a music publisher. He could easily transcribe your student’s composition and make corrections or changes she needs. This may be more efficient than trying to buy and learn software. Although Basil is a violinist, he has an excellent understanding of harp scoring and he is easy to work with. His website for contact is

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