Corroded brass rings on soundboard

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    armande-fryatt on #159645

    I’ve just bought a second hand aoyama 46 and noticed that the brass rings around the holes where the strings come out are corroded. Should I be concerned about this? Can I get rid of it? I can’t see any other corrosion on the harp. Thank you!

    carl-swanson on #159646

    If they’re brass then you must mean tarnished. Leave it alone. You can’t polish them without removing them from the harp or the polish will damage the finish. Also, the eyelets will just tarnish again quickly without a protective coat of finish on them. So it’s not worth the aggravation.

    armande-fryatt on #159647

    thanks i think i will get them changed when it goes for a service. Thanks for your reply

    jennifer-byrne on #159648

    For what it is worth, you may consider having the grommets replaced with nickel ones.

    Karen Johns on #159649

    Another option are the gold-plated grommets that Betty Truitt sells on the Dragonwhispers website.

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