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    We are just embarking on the journey of finding the right university for my daughter, who has been schooled in the French method up to now (student of Laura Porter) and wants to continue as a harp performance major in college.

    She prefers a university to a music conservatory since she wants a broader college education than a conservatory would offer.

    Who would you recommend? What schools? (We are especially interested in schools in the western part of the country.)

    Thanks for any clues!



    Well, don’t consider the University of Wyoming. The harp instructor there is a Salzedo harpist with a Bachelor’s in Music Education from Wyoming.

    Katrina Szederkenyi

    Well, she’s probably not interested (or it’s otherwise maybe not possible) to study abroad? Most teachers teach the french method in Europe. I myself am finishing my studies in Vienna and I was taught a firm french technique.


    I’m sorry that I don’t have advice about a specific school, but I can offer this advice to help guide you in your own search.

    I’m not entirely sure that you should be emphasizing the teacher’s method (unless your daughter is still learning technique, but I can’t imagine that being the reality if she is going into college soon) as much as you are. As long as the teacher can help your daughter grow as a musician (and as long as the teacher isn’t an intolerant


    University of Minnesota, Kathy Kienzle, instructor.

    USC, JoAnne Turovsky

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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