Christmas Harp Selections

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    jennifer-buehler on #107107

    What about Wexford Carol and Christ child’s lullaby?

    Another place to look might be the Oxford Book of Carols.

    helen-rudd on #107108

    I’ll second-
    Maria durch ein Dornwald Ging (maria wanders through the thorns)
    I also love
    The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came (sting does an amazing version of this)
    Whence comes this rush of wings afar
    Down in yon forest
    This one is awesome–
    To Drive the Cold Winter Away
    The King (sometimes called the wren or Please to see the King) (neat song about a hunting tradition)
    Noel Nouvelet
    Huron Carol (Twas in the Moon of Wintertime)
    One song that I love and can’t find anywhere is from a cartoon a long time ago. I saw it in the 70’s. The song is about a donkey.
    Long ago in another day, a donkey cried in a donkey way…etc-
    Beautiful song sung by Ed Ames-I think it would be beautiful arranged on the harp. Permissions would be needed though since it is a newer song.
    Ahh so many carols so little disc space!

    shelby-m on #107109

    I just bought (at my teacher’s recommendation) “50 Christmas Carols for all Harps” by Sylvia Woods.

    John McK on #107110

    If it’s not too late. . .

    There’s *loads* of early (medieval and renn) music that works well for a holiday or specifically Christmas themed album.

    One of my favorite (no, THE favorite) Xmas albums is “On Yoolis Night” by Anonymous 4. It’s a quartet of female vocalists singing seasonal music from the 12-15th centuries. It’s great stuff. A lot of it could probably be adopted to a lever harp fairly easily.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #107111

    One of my

    steven-todd-miller on #107112

    Georgina- that is one of my all time favorites! The title is “The Three Kings”. My favorite version of it appears on the “Carols for Christmas” DVD by the Royal College of Music (with artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of Art). The soloist is the amazing Canadian baritone Gerald Finley while he was studying there.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #107113

    Great singing –

    Sarah Mullen on #107114

    I already recorded “Drive the cold Winter Away” is already on my first cd, so I’m just going to recycle it for this one.

    Sarah Mullen on #107115

    That book is far too easy to use for recording, and besides I always write my own arrangements.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #107116

    The books

    tony-morosco on #107117

    She was referring to Shelby’s suggestion of the Sylvia Woods Christmas book. If you look at the top of a response you can see the number for the post the person is replying to.

    shelby-m on #107118

    Another Christmas song that I just heard that is very nice is “The Holly and the Ivy”.

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