Christmas Decor

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    Any ideas to decorate harp a bit for Christmas without being overly Kitsch? I play in a fairly gaudy restaurant. Thanks

    Gretchen Cover on #190788

    I buy a big red bow at a craft store. You could easily get ribbon and make one, too. I secure the bow with a velcro strip at the top of the column. Of course you could simply tie the bow onto the harp. My harp is ebony so red really pops and I like the bow to just be in the front. The velcro I use is black which does not show on my harp. Velcro now comes in a tan color, too. I would suggest finding ribbon that works with your harp and the decor of the restaurant. You can also pin or glue a decoration in the middle of the bow. One year I clipped on a red sequin bird for extra pizzaz.

    Another suggestion is to wrap garland on the column. You could add battery lights, too.

    Angela Biggs on #190799

    I also use a bow, but I play standing with my lever harp on a stool, so I tie the bow loosely where the column meets the base. The ends of the bow fall over the green fabric on the stool. My bow has gold bells, for that little extra bit. 🙂

    Allison Stevick on #190800

    I, too, put a big red bow on mine. 🙂 I’ve also wrapped the column with red and green ribbon before, just securing it at ends with a tiny piece of tape– but I would just tie it if I had a wooden harp, to not wreck the finish.
    Angela- I like the idea of the bells! 🙂

    Alyson Webber on #190801

    The velcro is a great idea! You can anchor anything to a velcro band you can wrap around the column with no damage. If you wanted to go full kitch, a garland with some battery powered led lights wrapped around the column could be safely anchored on both ends with the velcro band. What fun new possibilities open up with this.

    Participant on #191248

    Thanks everyone for your ideas. I’ll hit the craft stores as soon as Halloween madness is over and see what I can do.

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