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    Laurie Nicol on #160918

    The website for the Chinese-made pedal harps used to show the construction of the harps. Now it just shows the harps themselves. Translating the Chinese to English wasn’t perfect, but the best that I could make of it, was the soundboard was made from a northern China species, similar to sitka spruce, and the finish was some sort of enamel. At least in the pictures they looked as good as North American made pedal harps. Naturally the price was somewhat better, but you are on your own about insurance and warranty as they take no responsibility for the shipment to you from their factory.

    The question is: Does anybody have some actual experience with one of these harps?

    Mel Sandberg on #160919

    Laurie, I don’t have 1st hand experience of Chinese harps, but I have 1st hand experience of everything else that comes from China, and if I had any choice, I would steer clear.

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