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    kilby-li on #84794

    I have just started to teach a group of 4 children last week and I found it quite difficult because the lesson is an hour long. Before the lesson, I planned to teach them how to read music, but turn out every one knows it as they are learning piano too. How should I teach especially for a group of children? Some of them are not learning as quick as the other and not concentrate, I don’t know if I should leave those alone or keep them up.

    And how to teach children without music background? It seems that they have to

    unknown-user on #84795

    Have you amy access to the Kodaly Method? You will find many engaging activities for children of any age, and the techniques are easy and fun to merge seamlessly with instrumental instruction. there are activities that may be presented as group instruction to groups including children with mixed ability levels. It’s an amazing program.

    jennifer-buehler on #84796

    Are you working for a studio?

    kilby-li on #84797

    Thank you Ann. I try to get more information about it in wikipedia but seems not enough. Where can I know more about it?

    unknown-user on #84798

    There are a number of books on, and I would imagine that some would probably be available through a good public library system, or in a university library where the method is taught as part of the music education program. All of the first dozen or so titles at are from people who are very familiar with the method, so it isn’t necessary to purchase the most expensive ones, although they are very fine books to have.

    The best part of the Kodaly Method is that once you have a grasp of it you can adapt it to so many different needs in music education. I hope you enjoy learning about it.

    janelle-lake on #84799

    I have a favorite game that I start every harp group with no matter what age level or ability.

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