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    Arya Kroeger on #157182

    I was asked by a family friend to play background music at their yearly Rotary dinner in Seattle. I am a decent harpist, having playing Folk Harp for the last 4 years, with intensive previous music experience. How much would you charge hourly? Thank you!

    patricia-jaeger on #157183

    Arya, you might want to telephone the Seattle Musicians’ Association (206) 441 7600 to ask what a reasonable price is, for

    emily-mcintyre on #157184

    Greetings Arya, and congratulations on being asked to play! It would be a good idea to speak with other harpists or musicians in the area and find what their rates are, though we can be a bit dodgy about answering that kind of question!

    Often there is a set-up fee incorporated into the first hour, then a smaller per-hour fee after that. I charge $125 for the first hour and $65 for subsequent hours or fractions thereof.

    Good luck!

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