Chaconne by Jeremiah Clarke

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    reyesarpa on #210525

    Hi everyone!
    I’m in search for the original score of Clarke’s Chaconne.
    I got a copy from some harpist a long time ago, my students love it and one of them wants to perform it at a competition so we need to buy the original score. Do you know what book does it belong to?

    Gretchen Cover on #210533

    I was curious about this piece so I did a google search. You can find Chaconne on It sounds almost like Canon in D.

    Alison on #210634

    When you say the original score for whatever instruments, I too am curious. My pupils play what I assume is an arrangement for harp in the Classical Harpist book, also with its Welsh title of Y Telynor Clasurol, for players about grade 3 standard. Useful as so much easier than Pachelbel, & just as pleasing.

    reyesarpa on #210647

    Thank you for your answers. Yes, I meant to find the book in which this arrangment is edited. For the competition I mentioned they allow the students to play any piece or arrangement they want as long as they buy the printed score instead of using photocopies.
    Thanks again!

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