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    evolene_t on #224107

    Hello all!

    Celtic Women is producing another album with yet again new members. This time, the addition is Tara McNeil, a violinist who also plays the harp, which is great!

    They’ve made a new version of the song Siúil a Rún with a harp part :

    Anyone know where I could find the score for it? There’s nothing on their website or Tara McNeil’s where one could buy scores.
    The song seems quite accessible for a beginner-medium but the video quality is too bad to make out the part.

    If somebody was willing to make such a score with harp and voice, I would be willing to pay a bit for it!

    (I hope someone will find this topic, even in a few years, if they find it!)


    Gretchen Cover on #224110

    http://www.musicnotes.com. Arranged by David Downes. Comes in e minor. I believe you can buy the score in other keys. Type in the song name or type Celtic Women to find the score.

    evolene_t on #224118

    Oh, yay! That’s the composer!

    I’ve never heard of this website but I’ll explore it now. Thank you Gretchen!

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