Carpet so thick, I'm afraid too leave the harp…

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    Alyson Webber on #208424

    We just moved our baby girl into the room where my pedal harp was (hardwood) and are moving my harp into the bedroom which has high pile carpet plus a thick pad. It’s almost like walking on a mattress. No, there is no where else for it to go – small rental house. I’m not the first to be in this situation. Should I get plywood or a chair mat? How big (just for the harp or me and the harp)? Do I then have to put a carpet ON THAT to keep the harp from sliding around? Any ideas are welcome!

    catherine-rogers on #208425

    Since it’s a rental house, I suggest the chair mat, as it will not flatten the carpet over time as much as the plywood. It may make little prickle marks in the carpet but those will disappear when you vacuum. It need only be large enough for the harp, although most will accommodate your bench, too. Remember pedal harps have rubber inserts on the rear feet specifically to keep them from sliding, so no worries there.

    Gretchen Cover on #208430

    If you have been a long-time renter and/or plan to stay for a while, ask the landlord to get rid of the carpet and put hardwood flooring in to match the baby’s room. Can’t hurt to ask or negotiate a solution. Otherwise, I agree with the chair mat.

    Alyson Webber on #208431

    I’ll look into chair mats. Thanks!

    erin-wood on #208726

    Portable harp platform for playing outside

    this mat looks like a nice solution

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