Capriccio Espanol cadenza

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    Sylvia on #192488

    Anyone know how it’s played doubling the E (with the F flat) instead of the A?
    My teacher had me do it that way in college, but that was centuries ago, and I don’t remember how I did it. I’m wondering if anyone else has played it that way.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #192492

    I use an Fb instead of the E at the bottom of the opening chord, to make it easier to reach. I used to double the E with an Fb, (A, E, Fb, A, Fb, E, A) but now I play it as written (A, E, A, A, E, A, chord). I play 421124 in the right hand, then the chord with the left. On the last one, I reach down with the right hand to play the beginning of the upward figure. Some conductors like to reiterate the gliss, the second time softer.

    Sylvia on #192494

    I’m not expecting to play it, but I saw it on a program list and wondered about it. I heard it played a few years ago, and the repeated A was clearly a problem. Maybe the tempo has to be slow, or maybe the A could be played only once going fast, giving the impression it was there a second time.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #192495

    It would not be musically viable to leave out the repeated notes unless they are being replaced by the Salzedo’s version with the doubled E, Fb edit. There have to be six notes in each figure or it doesn’t sound Spanish.

    Sylvia on #192498

    Well, my teacher was a Salzedo student, so maybe that’s what he was doing, but I don’t understand it. Does it start on the E instead of the A?

    MusikFind1 on #192507

    The Rimsky-Korsakoff/Salzedo: Revised Cadenza for Capriccio Espagnole is published in the ABC of Harp Playing. Pub. Schirmer. Sales agent Hal Leonard.
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