Capriccio Espagnole – Glissandi

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    JohnBrisbane on #185206

    Hello everyone,

    For those who have played Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnole, I have a question regarding the two glissandi in mvt 4 (Scena a Canto Gitaro) after figure Q (six bars from the end)

    Do you fix a B natural (as in the Eolian chords before it), or return to the key signature for the glissandi (B flat) and only fix a G sharp? I now it doesn’t indicate a B natural in the gliss, but it’s been making me wonder what other people’s opinions are about this.

    Thanks folks!

    paul-knoke on #185212

    You probably want a B natural in those glisses, as the flutes and violins have B naturals in those measures.


    JohnBrisbane on #185213

    Yes, you’re right! Thanks, Paul 🙂

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #185229

    They are G# seventh chords, as in the previous glissandi. The pedals are set B natural, C flat, D nat., E#, F nat., G#, A flat.

    JohnBrisbane on #185230

    Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

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