Can you sell a concert grand harp carton?

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    le_sacre on #230498

    I just received my 1999 L&H Salzedo, purchased from Virginia Harp Center (so color me pretty thrilled–upgrade from a rented Daphne 40).

    My teacher advised me that the enormous carton the harp was shipped in is valuable, but I don’t have room to store it, nor do I envision needing it in the next several years at least.

    Do any of you successfully sell these cartons/boxes/crates when you’re done with them? Or donate them somehow? Seems a waste to break it down and recycle/trash it.

    Thanks for advice!

    Daphna Straus on #230507

    Where is the carton located?

    carl-swanson on #230509

    First off, if you sell or give away the carton, it has to be with all of the packing blocks. So don’t throw those out. I don’t think those boxes have a monetary value. But someone may be able to use yours, so you should let people know that it is available. Remember, if someone from somewhere else in the country, they are going to have to pay shipping costs, which will already amount to several hundred dollars.

    le_sacre on #230514

    Thanks for the replies! I’m in San Francisco. I can try posting on the Bay Area and Silicon Valley AHS chapter classifieds, but I didn’t notice crates or cartons ever move very fast when I was checking those listings daily for harps. I’ll see if my teacher knows anybody, or maybe Harps Etc. in the East Bay might come and take it.

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