Camac vs Lyon&Healy

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    joohee-kim on #77988

    I’m torn between buying lever harp [Camac Aziliz] and [L&H Ogden].
    I’m concidering portable harp which has good sound at the same time.
    Through that standpoint, in my opinion, Aziliz is adequate to me.
    It has only 9kg weight, 116cm height, while Ogden has 13kg weight, 135cm height…
    But LH Ogden has much better sound than Aziliz.
    I have to reconsider about buying Aziliz.

    Please give your opinions..:)

    natalie-wagner–2 on #77989

    I have played a lyon and Healy lever harp, and a camac lever harp. I don’t know what model the camac was, the L&H was a prelude.

    I completely preffered the Camac! The tone was so much more clean and clear than I thought it could be. L&H obviously prefer pedal harps (and I haven’t played any other pedals to compare it with, but I think the sound can’t be beat) , I’m pretty sure they make lever harps just because… You need to have a few lever models too. Camac has their DHC series, which are electric lever harps, so I believe they’ve worked on the quality of their lever harps more. Now that is merely conjecture.

    Also you can’t know a harp until you play it. I live in south Florida, so I’m reeeeeally far away from most harp makers. I ordered my 85petite pedal on blind faith from my teacher. I have dream harps I want (Salzedo, Princess Sakura, etc) but my little beauty doesn’t disappoint me. I recently purchased a carbon fiber Delight lever, and I adore it’s sound and portability! Shop around and find what works for you. (If you want portable, nothing beats a heartland harp!)

    In my humble opinion, go camac for a lever, L&H for a pedal, and either harp you would love for life!

    Abigail Kent on #77990

    In general, I prefer the sound of L&H over Camac for pedal harps, but when it comes to lever harps, I have the opposite opinion – I would personally go with the Camac Azilliz versus the Ogden.

    Tacye on #77991

    It is your preference for sound that matters more than other players’ favourites. And you need to decide how much 4kg and 20cm matters to you – if this would be a 2nd harp just for portability then probably the size would matter most. If this is your only harp and you will only be moving it once or twice a week then maybe the size if more important. But if you are performing you want the best sound possible, and some players move pedal harps every day. In the end you need to decide!

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