Camac Trianon 47, lyon healy style 23

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    Alicia D. Strange on #75101

    I’m quite

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #75102

    Dear Ms. Strange,

    I don’t owe you or anyone my credentials. After all, really, who are you? I see nothing that explains that to anyone. However, being the forthcoming person I am, I will explain:

    I graduated magna cum laude with a performance degree in organ (B.Mus.) and a music education degree (K-12 music, 7-12 fine arts).

    I received my master’s degree in vocal performance in ’96.

    I have accumulated well over 20 credit hours in both harp and other music-related subjects since then, and continue.

    I have studied

    kimberly-rowe on #75103

    A final reminder that further off topic posts will be removed. Please keep on topic, thank you.


    leonard-lim on #75104

    Thank you everyone for the very good advice.Sorry if this post caused too much of a controversy.

    kimberly-rowe on #75105


    We welcome a friendly discussion of harp brands! That is what this forum is about, so please do not apologize. We just need to keep things on topic.


    barbara-low on #75106

    Plastic is an important component in the making of harps. The use of plastics does not downgrade the instrument. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t harps held together with plastic, i.e., synthetic glues? And aren’t the majority of harps finished in plastic, i.e., everything other than shellac? Aren’t the strings covered in plastic, other than the wires, and the nylon strings composed of 100% plastic? And aren’t there plastic bushings between the spindles and front plate of L&H actions?

    Has the use of plastics downgraded the sound of L&H harps?

    Gregg Bailey on #256176

    Hi, o.t.,

    Forgive me for being nearly 12 years late to this thread, but did you end up getting either a 23 or a Trianon 47? I’m curious to know how those 2 models compare to each other.

    Thank you,


    balfour-knight on #256293

    Hello Gregg and all,

    I just checked the prices of the two mentioned harps:

    Camac Trianon–$31,900 In Gold–$42,900

    L&H 23–$34,000 In Gold–$55,500

    I would thoroughly play and test these two models, plus really examine them for superior workmanship, then decide which one “spoke to me.”

    Best wishes,

    balfour-knight on #256407

    Hope we hear from some more Camac harp owners out there. I know there are many of you who love your harps!


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