Camac Korrigan harps?

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    HBrock25 on #156481

    Hi everyone!

    I was hoping you folks could help me make an informed decision on purchasing a new harp. A local seller is offering a 38 string, gently used Camac Korrigan for $2,600 with soft case and dolly. It sounds like an intriguing deal, but I am having trouble finding the usual value of these instruments. I’ve heard some great sound clips and have found a number of endorsements for the model in question, but I can’t tell if this is a great deal or not.

    Secondly, I play in bands and session work for bands, primarily. I’ve been intrigued by a cross strung harp as a great solution to my needs in terms of using accidentals in my compositions. However, I have only found a few makers of cross-strung and/or chromatic harps and haven’t been as assured of their caliber.

    I’m struggling a bit in determining whether to jump on a Camac Korrigan in my price range or hold out for a cross-strung harp, if it might be possible to obtain in a similar range. Any suggestions or input that would help me gain some perspective?

    I’d love any advice you have to offer!!

    deb-l on #156482

    I have a Korrigan and love it.

    jessica-yuen on #156483

    I came cross the same harp last year listed in my city. (Calgary, canada)
    And it was asking for $3200 ( the people paid $5400 cdn back in 2007) I bargain with them for $2800cdn but they replied $3000. I kind of regret I didn’t get it.
    The tone of the camac Korrigan I saw was good, althought there was couple of lever really hard to turn. ( I played the harp only 1 yr.)
    But if there no obvious cosmetic damage, I think it shoud be a good value.

    tony-morosco on #156484

    New a Korrigan goes for $3650, so that’s over a thousand off the new price. If it is as described then it is a very good deal.

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