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    I was wondering if anyone has used/knows of a good written cadenza for this concert piece? It seems like most performers just write one of their own, but I thought I’d ask if there are any formal versions.


    Lynn, with respect, where would you play any cadenza in this composition? I have the Durand edition, including all the orchestra parts as well, and there is no space in the whole work where the orchestra is silent and the harp plays alone enough measures to call those passages by the composer a cadenza. So in my view, the Morceau is a gem by itself and complete without any formal cadenza.


    That’s fine- there is a part (it appears in my Durand edition) right before rehearsal 3 that says “cadenza ad libitum sur l’accord” and sometimes performers choose to insert a (relatively) short cadenza there. If you look up some performances on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean. I’ve heard it with and without, and it’s a marvelous piece either way.
    I might be performing the piece with an orchestra this fall, and I don’t necessarily need a cadenza. The piece, like you said, is complete without a cadenza. I was planning on either writing one myself or not doing anything cadenza-like at rehearsal 3, but I thought I’d look around first.


    Hi Hannah,

    I was wondering if you finally found a cadenza for this piece. I am going to play it next fall with a local orchestra and was wondering too what to do about this part of the piece.

    Thank you 🙂



    I ended up writing my own – from what I remember- a very short, just kind of show-off-y few measures that encapsulated some of the musical elements in the bars right before. I need to get out my music and see exactly what I did, but no, I never did find a formal cadenza!
    Let me know if I can help in any way!


    If you listen to Zabaleta, he did a few arpeggios. You can use the chord written. I would be interested in seeing what you did.


    Thank you both for your reply 🙂

    I will make sure to listen to Zabaleta.

    Did you post your performance somewhere in the end Hannah? I read in another topic your performance was recorded and would be very interested in hearing it!


    Saint-Saëns, Camille: Morceau de Concert for Harp and Orchestra, Op. 154
    (Pub. Durand/reprint Edwin F. Kalmus LC)
    1 page typescript list of errata for the orchestra parts created by harpist Walter Pfeil. 24 entries.
    For errata list send an email to <proofer1 at>

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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