Buzzing problem – please, do you have tips for me?

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    Anja G on #105102

    I play on a rented lever harp, made by an aquaintance who is a carpenter.
    For months now, I have the problem, that the harp buzzes, or rather some of

    adam-b-harris on #105103


    Sounds like your harp needs some sort of regulating. As you are hiring it, I suggest you approach whoever you are hiring it from and ask them to look into it.

    As to what is causing it, it could be a number of things. Buzzes can be frustrating in that they quite often the buzzing sound appears to be coming from one part of the harp and the actual problem is somewhere else on the instrument.

    If you would like more specific advice, I suggest you repost on the “harps and accesories” board, together with details of what type of harp it is (floor, lapharp – did the maker follow a plan of an established brand, or is it made from a kit etc). Also any details on levers and bridgepins would be useful.

    In the end though, if you are only hiring and it isn’t yours, then you probably shouldn’t be making any serious adjustments to it.

    hope this helps


    adam-b-harris on #105104

    Sorry Anja, I spelt your name wrong. Early in the morning here.

    Anja G on #105105

    don`t worry about spelling my name wrong, no problem!
    Thanks a lot for oyur reply. The carpenter who made it doesn`t really know what to do. The buzzing really is frustrating, sometimes it ruins the joy of playing, but then it is much better on some days. And you are right, I don`t own this harp and hope and dream of buying a pedal harp one day, so I can`t spend money on adjustments to my hired harp (though I like this harp a lot). Do you have any tips about what should I care about when buying a pedal harp concerning the buzzing problem?
    Thanks again and best wishes

    adam-b-harris on #105106


    Try replacing one of the buzzing strings and see if that makes a difference.

    I’m looking at buying a pedal harp myself, but need to sell an investment property I have first to finance it. So it may be a while coming as real estate is a little slow here, like most everywhere else I suppose.

    So you really need to be talking to someone else like maybe the very knowledgeable Carl Swanson or someone like that.

    Again I’d suggest that you repost on the Harps and Accessories or Professional Harpists section, somebody should be able to help you out there.

    all the best


    Anja G on #105107


    thanks, followed your suggestion and posted it in the Harps and Accessories Forum!

    All the best (also for selling your property and getting a pedal harp!)


    Tacye on #105108

    If you buy a new pedal harp from any of the known makers the main thing you will need to worry about is whether you like it.

    Anja G on #105109


    thanks a lot for your answer. I already tried playing and touching parts of the harp, unfortunately it didn`t help.

    But you said a true thing about buying a harp and helped a lot!



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