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    Just had a moment I wanted to share with everyone.

    After many months away from the harp (broken collarbone from a bicycle wreck, strict orders from doctor not to play the harp until he said OK, surgery, sling, asking others to open doors/help with grocery bags/push in my chair, physical therapy), finally got back to playing two days ago. But my harp had a buzz. The G above middle C, and only when the G pedal was in the flat position. Pulled out Carl Swanson’s harp maintenance book. Read everything related to buzzes. Moved harp out of the room. Buzz still there. Moved harp back into room. Checked the screws on the back plate. And everywhere else. Checked all the string knots. Read Carl Swanson’s book again. Considered buying new harp. Googled. Checked pedal caps, string alignment, discs. After two days, was convinced that my harp had a catastrophic failure of the action because I had ignored it for so long. Felt very guilty. Had multiple pieces of felt ready to go and was about to start putting them in the action because Carl says we can do that. But first I wanted to check the base screws. As I was lowering the harp, I saw that four screws hold the crown on. Tightened them. Buzz gone!!!!!

    Have rarely had such a feeling of accomplishment, victory, and peace.

    Now if I could get rid of those finger buzzes while playing…

    What are your victories over harp maintenance problems?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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