Brilliant Harpsicle thoughts?

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    Molly K on #230571

    I recently saw that Harpsicle Harps has released a new 34 string floor harp. It’s similar in cost to a Ravenna 34 with full levers and a pickup. Has anyone had experience with this harp?

    hearpe on #230572

    It’s probably pretty good.

    Is it like a Harpsicle which seems to be their money making base, or like the other harps above that?

    picacholar on #230576

    I have had a Brilliant Harpsicle since June 2019 and I love it! It has a surprisingly big sound for a very light weight harp. I literally take it with me everywhere because it only weighs 15 pounds. Most people who hear it acoustically cannot believe how much sound comes from the harp and its weight surprises everyone. In spite of being a new harp it holds its tune very well. The built-in pick up is a wonderful addition because its volume can be controlled by a little dial mounted in the 2nd sound hole. The string spacing is wider than the Special Edition Fullsicle that I have but narrower than my Lyon & Healy Prelude. I enjoy playing the Brilliant and love that I can carry it everywhere.

    I have limited experience with the Dusty Strings Ravenna which I rented over the summer while traveling. I enjoyed playing the Ravenna, but I prefer the weight of the Brilliant and the fact that I do not have to remove and put on the legs every time that I pack up or play the harp—-which is something that I had to do with the Ravenna.

    Molly K on #230577

    It seems like a hybrid of their harpsicle line with their more expensive floor harps.

    Thank you for the review picacholar! I am in the process of purchasing a large Mikel floor harp, but I’d love a lightweight full range one in the future.

    picacholar on #230599

    My main motivation for purchasing the Brilliant was portability. I love that I can bring it to work with me and practice during lunch or that and that I can amplify it if needed. I had both of those things with the Special Edition Fullsicle, but I missed the extra strings and do prefer the wider string spacing of the Brilliant. Since purchasing this harp, I find that I play more because I have access to a light-weight, nice-sounding instrument all the time. I have to confess that my co-workers are always thrilled when they see me walk in the door with a harp slung over my right shoulder! They’re always begging me to practice in their office!

    Good luck with your harp purchase! It’s so fun getting a new harp!

    Molly K on #230607

    I bet! I have a flatsicle (currently my only harp) and I do love the portability, but I would really like a bigger range as well. I may have to get one before next summer and park season!

    Biagio on #230662

    I don’t know the Brilliant! specifically but it seems in principal much like the Ravenna 34, and the discontinued Caswell Sweetharp and Musicmakers Studio. These harps have a Baltic birch body, Finnish birch (aircraft grade ply) soundboard and either a solid wood or built-up ply neck and pillar. Box construction differs but they are/were all good, solid, light weight harps.

    Substitute a solid wood body and you get the Dusty Crescendo or Musicmakers Voyageur, substitute as well a solid wood SB and possibly higher tension and you get into concert grade lever harps. As far as I can tell the chief acoustic difference between the Ravenna 34 and Brilliant! is the pickup included with the latter.


    Molly K on #230768

    Thank you Biagio! I assumed with the similarities in price, they were mostly on par quality wise. I like the look of the Ravenna much more though.

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