Borrowing a Harp in Ireland

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    brittany-deyoung–2 on #59942

    Hi, My student is going to Ireland with her Youth Orchestra and they are having some troubles finding harps to use in Dublin & Cork. They really need a pedal harp, but all they have been able to find so far is a lever harp!

    Does anyone have any contacts in Dublin or Cork that might be able to lend a harp to my student? I’m sure they would be willing to pay a rental fee for the instrument.


    Tacye on #59943

    Have you tried the obvious DIT Conservatory, Royal Irish Academy and CIT school of music?

    catherine-mcandrew on #59944

    Have you tried the Harp Borrowing Club on facebook? A lot of the members live over in Ireland/UK, and I’ve always had a good experience with them. Good luck!

    brittany-deyoung–2 on #59945

    Thanks! They did find something! Just in the nick of time. Phew!

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