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    deb-l on #158418

    Hi all,

    I know I won’t find both in the same book, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for intermediate level daily scales and arpeggio exercises, and also good books that I can learn from to arrange the left hand when I only have the melody.

    Karen Johns on #158419

    Two books I have came to mind: Sylvia Woods Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Folk Harp and Deborah Friou’s Exercises for Agility and Speed. I also like Salzedo’s Conditioning Exercises.

    Sylvia’s book is nice for figuring out left-hand patterns when all you have is a lead sheet with chords. She also explains how to figure out chords if you only have a melody line. She gives several examples of different patterns in different time signatures as well.


    deb-l on #158420

    thanks Karen, I will check them out!

    jessica-wolff on #158421

    That book also covers Dorian and Mixolydian modes and how to accompany them.

    tony-morosco on #158422

    All of Karen’s recommendations are excellent, and exactly what I would have recommended.

    In addition I like The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory. It is actually a very good intro to music theory. Sylvia’s book is more harp specific (really lever harp specific), but the Idiot’s Guide covers a lot more ground and gives a better overall understanding of the basics of Music Theory.

    Sylvia’s book is enough for you to learn to do what you want to do regarding arranging basic accompaniment patters for the left hand, but I think most musicians can benefit from a more in depth understanding of theory, and the Idiot’s guide gives that, but still stays simple enough that most people can comprehend the entire book without the need of a teacher.

    deb-l on #158423

    thanks Tony, I’ll check that one out too.

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