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    Evangeline Williams

    I’m looking for a book with good pictures (or at least description of

    hand placements) of hand and arm positions for the Salzedo



    “On Playing the Harp” by Yolonda Kondonassis has many pictures of hand position for the Salzedo technique. Salzedo’s “Method for the Harp” has descriptions and pictures as well.


    Pictures are great, but keep in mind that Salzedo’s hands may be bigger than yours, so

    they won’t look exactly the same. Also, thumbs vary enormously in height, so don’t try to

    stretch your thumb if it’s not as high as his.


    If you don’t have the Method for the Harp by Lucile Lawrence and Carlos Salzedo, you must get a copy. The photos are wonderful, as is the text and the music. Does your teacher demonstrate for you? There is also a video available from Lyon & Healy about the Method with Lucile Lawrence and Elizabeth Morse. She demonstrates everything beautifully and Elizabeth plays the Preludes quite perfectly. It’s a must-have for your education. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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