Book suggestion wanted: beginning Hymn music for lever harp

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    unknown-user on #161376

    Not wedding music, but just traditional church hymns–my daughter is a beginning harpist and would love to add some hymns to her “fun practice” on the side.

    Audrey Nickel on #161377

    I actually just found this myself:

    While some of it is wedding music, and there are some Jewish celebratory songs included, most of the songs

    unknown-user on #161378

    Thank you!

    Audrey Nickel on #161379

    No prob!

    One of the nice things about these “multi-level” books is that, as she progresses, and becomes able to play the more advanced arrangements, the simpler arrangements still work very well as a way to vary the performance.

    Karen Johns on #161380

    That is one song from the Christmas book that really gets me.. I’ve blended it with O Come O Come Emmanuel and call it my “Meditative Medley”. The ending of the piece combines both melody lines. I

    Audrey Nickel on #161381

    It’s a favorite Advent hymn at my church…you ought to hear the descant on the final verse!

    Karen Johns on #161382

    I would love to hear it! I’m Catholic (just going through RCIA) and, being new to the faith, I’m not sure what they refer to this tune by. I know the pianist plays it beautifully though.

    BTW- I ordered my Sweetheart whistle!! I read your reviews on C&F too. Went to Sweethearts website and couldn’t find the wooden

    unknown-user on #161383

    There are some easy hymn arrangements from Pretty Quick Music. It’s at

    patricia-jaeger on #161384

    Lever harpists who have been playing for about a year, may like to learn simple accompaniments to hymns, while they either sing the melody, or have one or more friends who can play the melody. This is so useful to accompany choirs in the church service. Many harp music dealers carry the volume “Familiar Hymns With a Friend”, with 21 favorites, published by Herald Music. A CD with Danielle Perrett, London harpist,is included, as are string quartet parts.

    unknown-user on #161385

    Thank you for the additional suggestions!

    Audrey Nickel on #161386

    I got mine yesterday as well.

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