Bloodstain in gut strings. Help!

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    duckspeaks on #189736

    I didn’t notice a small wound and got blood stains over all the white strings. Wiped away all visible stains with mildly damp tissue paper. Some strings are low and they tend to last long.

    Have I caused any long term cosmetic problems?

    Thanks in advance!

    Femke Brouwer on #189745

    If the stains are now gone, it should be fine. Never use ethanol or similar products on blood stains, that will cause the proteins in the blood to precipitate and cause stains that are almost impossible to remove.

    I don’t know if harp strings can handle soap, but in case there is still some visible staining, gently rubbing it with a cloth with a tiny amount of green soap may help. (first wet the cloth, then add some green soap, rinse it with lukewarm water so that most of the soap is gone, then wring it so it’s damp instead of dripping wet). That usually works on clothing / surfaces with older blood stains.

    susan-ash on #189762

    In the future if you want to get your blood off something….use your saliva. Your blood….your spit….I think it is the proteins in one’s own saliva that will get out one’s own blood. Sounds crazy but I know for a fact that it works.

    Sometimes hydrogen peroxide will work as well.

    duckspeaks on #189784

    Thank you Femke and Susan. After a few days there seems to be no secondary damage like stains as I have feared. I now always check my hands before playing.


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