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    Hi young harpists,
    Normally it’s one of my pet peeves when someone posts about the same thing in two of the different forums (since they will both show up on the home page) but since I’m trying to drum up some publicity, I thought I’d post twice. Besides, if anyone’s looking at archived posts, they’ll be able to see this under the Young Harpists forum as well as the Professional forum.

    I’ve started a new blog geared towards young, student harpists (teenage and older) and their teachers. Anyone, however, who is preparing for a competition or a big concert should be able to appreciate the kinds of topics I discuss and give advice on. I also keep tabs on many international and national competitions so that you can keep up to date with the global happenings in the harp world.

    Please take a visit at and you can read right now from several blog posts, a short article on why you might want to compete, the “about” page for the blog, and an ever-growing list of national and international harp competitions (with links to the appropriate websites).

    I update weekly.

    I hope you enjoy!

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