Best Hard Harp Cases

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    jillian-taylor on #68108

    Hello everyone! I’ve been playing harp for about a year now and I just bought an FH26 string harp from Dusty Strings a month ago. My harp came with a gorgeous soft case, but I was wondering about buying a hard harp case (also known as a flight case?) I would like to travel with my harp and I would feel much more secure with a harp in a hard case, so I was wondering which brands of hard cases would you recommend? When I called Dusty Strings earlier today they recommended the Colorado Case Company, which looks like a good brand, but I was wondering if you guys had other suggestions?

    Thank you for your help!

    carm-zephyr–2 on #68109

    Yes Jillian. The only ones I am aware of are the Colorado case company. They do look good and velcro onto a harp trolley. They are exy but I imagine worth the investment especially if you intend on flying with your harp 🙂 Good luck


    Amber M on #68110

    I ordered a Colorado Co case for my Ravenna to bring on deployment with me. Worked out very well, and I recommend them highly!

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