Bernstein Candide OVERTURE

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    Sylvia Clark on #145669


    Julie Albertson on #145670

    Hi Sylvia,

    The orchestral version is also in Eb; it should be an exact match. I played this once with the symphonic band at the University of Georgia and, as I recall, I used my own copy which I’ve also played with the Atlanta Symphony, Dayton Philharmonic, etc. so you should be good to go. It’s a blast to play and don’t forget your picks for those glisses, esp. at the end.

    Julie in Atlanta

    Sylvia Clark on #145671

    Thank you.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145672

    There is not always a harp part, or harp is not always used, the last production I saw had no harp.

    sherry-lenox on #145673

    I have a book that I think includes the instrumentation lists for all the versions so maybe if you have an idea which version you’re playing, it will be a little easier to find what you need.

    I think they’re all very similar, maybe the same, but there are so many of them…..

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