Benjamin Britten Harp Suite

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    Josiah hahaha on #150330

    Who here has played the Britten Harp Suite? I will probably be starting it this summer and I was wondering what were the favorite movements of the harpists here?

    Also if anyone wants to give me any tips or warnings that would be greatly appreciated.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150331

    It is hard.

    Anna Also on #150332

    My favorite movements are the first, and the Hymn (ode to st denio). I haven’t quite gotten around to the rest of them…

    phyllis-adams on #150333

    It’s a FABULOUS piece! You will learn soooo much from working on it. I love the drama of the first mvt. – the 2nd and 4th mvts will open your eyes to many technical and tonal possibilities. The third mvt is mystical and enchanting. The last mvt, I found to be a bit of a dirge, but still wonderful in its own right and a challenge to make it interesting to the listener! Have fun and experiment!

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