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    In the month of October I encountered something I never expected in a million years to happen to me. Being replaced by an IPad. At the beginning of the month I was asked to play for a wedding ceremony that was 10 hrs round trip travel for me, to the northern part of Michigan at a llama ranch. This was one of those new things for wedding ceremonies and receptions. A Barn Wedding. You really needed a GPS to find the place.

    The ceremony took place on top of a hill over looking a ravine. It was just beautiful, except the outdoor temperature was 54 degrees. Imagine my surprise and horror when I learned from the wedding co-ordinator, for the first, that the prelude music was going to be performed by selections on an IPad instead of harp music performed by me. All I was left to play was the Canon in D, the usual suspect , for the bride. Period. With the recessional being played again on the IPad. I was just dumbfounded. All I could do was take the mega bucks I had contracted for. Play the one song. Get in my car and travel the 5 hrs back, with the most inappropriate music for a prelude still ringing in my ears.

    I had thought this was just an apparition, until 3 weeks later. I had been going back and forth with a client on when I would seeing a signed contract and a deposit for the 90th birthday celebration of her mother. I was getting delayed responses to emails or the count or the room or the time it was to start. I should have known I was going to have a problem when she did not want me to have her mailing address. Just wanted me to scan the contract, she would sign it and send the deposit to me separately. I finally got the signed contract, but no deposit. I always, always insist upon a deposit and this is what I had been waiting on up until 4 days before the event. It was a this time thaI learned she had gone over budget and had to downsize to a smaller room where she felt there would be enough room for her guests, the photographer, the food, but not me. She felt sorry but would have to cancel because she had at the suggestion of the facilities co-ordinator, decided to just use music that had been programmed on an IPad.

    As the British would say, “I was just gum-slapped”! Twice in one month. I guess I just thought I would put this on harpcolumn to get these indignities off my chest and to warn other harpists out there that they too, might be faced with these challenges. After all live music was to be expected at celebrations. Now the DJ reigns supreme in this area. Is the IPad the latest thing to take the place of live musician?

    Onita Sanders


    It hasn’t happened to me yet, but in this Brave New World we are now apparently living in, I expect it will become more common. How awful for you—especially the ten hour drive!

    David Ice

    Please check out my video that I did for my wedding referral group…”How NOT To Plan Your Wedding.” Everything that happens in it ACTUALLY HAPPENED….including the iPod wedding. It’s a good way to show a client how things can go dreadfully wrong, very fast. And there are no “do-overs” or retakes for a wedding!


    That video is a scream–but if it’s true that everything in it actually happened–it’s not really funny. I’m cringing for the brides and grooms. In terms of the wedding music, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir (yeah, pun). . .when I I say that there is just nothing that compares to live music. It takes it to a whole different level, and I feel sorry for people who don’t “get” it.


    All I can say is…I love Aunt Margaret’s dress…and also the one with the duct tape…would like to have both, please. They’d be great for harping at outdoor summer weddings!

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