Being in lockdown – Tips, support and free online resources!

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    evolene_t on #243766

    Hello everyone!

    I know we’ve kind of been avoiding the topic here, but I figured it was best to create one big thread to focus all of the COVID19 – lockdown discussions. And you really don’t have to participate if you’re sick of talking about this with everyone! 🙂

    For my part, my country, France, has been in partial, then full, lockdown for a week now. I know most people here are from the US or UK and are being affected in various ways but chances are we’ll all end up in the same situation in the end.

    Some people that are in lockdown have to work from home, which can be all sorts of difficult and tiring. Others (like me) have everything suspended in a limbo, and practicing the harp is a great way of keeping busy!



    Here is the very complete HarpColumn article on the crisis :


    Most harp teachers are gearing towards online lessons : Check out Josh Layne’s video, and Anne Crosby Gaudet’s, both if you’re a teacher or a student.
    Josh Layne online class tips
    Anne Crosby Gaudet’s online class tips

    Harpist Christy-Lyn has created the hashtag #harpforpeace, to encourage harpists and harpers to share their music, especially the relaxing pieces in these stressful times. Consider joining it, or at least making it known!

    Want to learn something new? A list of double-strung harp ressources, here on the forum! Double-strung-harp Ressources


    I would like to offer a list of ressources I have compiled for free, mostly online things! Most of it is geared towards beginners, for lever or simple pedal harp.
    Of course, if you’re an advanced pedal harp player, you don’t need help to practice, but it can help you see how one can diversify their online presence!

    Of course, I would first like to point out that HarpColum themselves offer tons of online classes with professional teachers! However, I have not have the means of trying out theses online classes, so I cannot vouch for them.

    The following list is a list of free ressources, which might come in handy for those of us who might take a big financial hit and who want to practice or expand their repertoire without spending too much money.
    If people are interested, I can also compile online classes that require payement.

    The harpist Tiffany Schaefer made a video to give a few links, and it inspired me to do something bigger.
    Free Harp Resources – Video

    List of YouTube Channels

    Tiffany Shaefer – Harp & Song :
    Link – Tiffany Shaeffer Harp and Song
    → Celtic harp lessons in the traditionnel way, by showing the right-hand method. + A few tutorials etc.
    → Adds new content regularly

    Josh Layne:
    → A favorite of the forum : harp techniques, methods, arrangements, slow-motions…
    → Adds new content regularly

    Learning the Harp with Christy-Lyn:
    → Tutorials for beginners, methods etc
    → Adds new content regularly

    Aedan MacDonnell:
    → One new tutorial of Celtic pieces per month, teaching the traditional aural way
    → Adds new content monthly

    Anne Crosby Gaudet:
    → Simple, yet beautiful tunes for beginners of her own composition
    → Adds new content regularly

    The French harper Eve McTellen, who does a lot of tutorials in English too :
    → Has a lot of tutorials for her online school
    → Adds new content regularly

    The channel Discover the Harp :
    → Mostly pedal harp classes, can be useful for Folk players too
    → Whole classes, containing both repertoire, techniques etc
    → Adds new content regularly

    Corrina Hewat’s playlist on HandsUpForTrad: Chaine
    → Clarsach Intermediate Course!

    Eleri Turner/Teifi Harps: Chaine
    → Repertoire tutorials

    Ray Pool : Chaîne
    → Beginners video for technique and compositions
    → Has not posted for a long time

    Hannah White : Chaîne
    → Introduction to pedal harp (useful for folk too), techniques
    → Has not posted for a long time

    Therese Honey: Chaîne
    → Some tutorials and tips

    Rachel Hair / rachelhairworkshop : Chaîne
    → Tutorials
    → Has not posted for a long time

    Haley Hewitt: Chaîne
    → Tutorials
    → Has not posted for a long time

    Ailie Robertson / MsYellowslug: Chaîne
    → Tutorials
    → Has not posted for a long time

    IN FRENCH (can still be useful for English-speakers)

    François Pernel, La Harpe libre :
    → Tutorials of his personal compositions
    → Has not posted for a long time

    Evelina Simon :
    → Some tutorials and compositions, to give insight on her Online Harp School


    How are you professional harpists doing? I can only empathise with the stress due to all of the cancelations. This thread can definitely serve as an outlet for your worries, and for people to exchange tips.

    Also, feel free to add your own online classes as well!

    I don’t want to get political here, but in this times of “Gig Economy”, know that other countries are putting forth a lot of strong, protective economic measures to protect the most vulnerable workers.
    To avoid mass firings, salaries of those who cannot work are being supported by the government from 70% to 100% depending on the income bracket. Of course, to US eyes we are “socialists”, but I for one am grateful to know that I (and my close ones) won’t be out of jobs or income in the next months. Food for thought?

    France’s Lockdown and Economic Measures


    I’m reaching the end of my post here! I hope many people will contribute, be inspired and help create solidarity all around!
    This took me quite a while so I hope you guys will find it useful and spread it far and wide.


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    evolene_t on #243768

    Forgot a few!

    Harpcolumn is doing free, live online videos everyday at the moment on YouTube! Right now, there’s a tutorial!
    I though I had to have a FaceBook account, which I don’t have for anti-Facebook reasons, but it turns out that it works even without being logged in!

    Facebook – Harpcolumn

    Here is a channel that takes some books by Sylvia Wood and, with authorisation, has made video tutorials out of them. You do have to have the books to follow along, and these can be bought online as PDFs so that you can have them instantly if you need!
    Great for people that have trouble reading sheet music, or who need to have a teacher to take things slowly.

    Music with Cathe

    Thank you for your support and a big shoutout to all of these teachers giving their time online! 🙂

    wil-weten on #243770

    Wow, Evolène, thank you so much for this great compilation. A lot of links are new to me, so this is really exciting.

    Now that a lot of us are house bound, this is a unique chance to broaden our harping experience.

    Thanks again!

    Veronika on #243773

    Thank you evolene! And hello to a fellow not-on-FB person!

    evolene_t on #243844

    Thank you Wil-Weten and Veronica? How are you guys holding up?
    Wil, I believe you are in Europe, so more likely to be in lockdown than Americans. I hope all is well.

    There are talks of keeping the lockdown going until June around here : we’ll have to wait and see, but all of the musicians and performers are understandably worried and gutted that all of their hard work is held off indefinitely.

    How do you professional harpists feel?

    I love the fact that many pro harpists online have taken this opportunity to expand in different ways. Be it by taking a creative/spiritual retreat to brush up on practicing and composing, or putting content online, and even people engaging how they can!

    One Italian harpist did a flashmob from her window 🙂

    Flashmob during lockdown

    Veronika on #243995

    I’m OK, thank you, Evolene. I’m working from home, but that’s not much of a hardship. Our local community is very supportive. I feel I am very lucky compared with many others.

    I just wish more people took this seriously. We might get a lockdown soon, largely because of unbelievable crowds of m****s gathering and mingling outdoors this weekend.

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