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    unknown-user on #167592

    Does anyone else on here dance ballet as well as harp? How long have
    you been doing both? What is your favorite and why? Which demands
    more of your time, energy, and money? What do you plan to do with
    ballet and harp in your future? I do both, and I’m just curious to
    hear what you all have to say.


    unknown-user on #167593

    Oh cool question!

    Evangeline Williams on #167594

    I took all sorts of dance lessons as a child and up until half way thru high school.

    amanda-acosta on #167595

    When I was little I did ballet for a couple of years before I took the harp. I did both for a year, but then I started to have more music lessons, ensemble rehearsals and eventually orchestra rehearsals as well and It came to a point where I had to choose,I chose harp.
    I really regret not taking ballet anymore, not only is it a good exercise, but Its a lot of fun. I sometimes dance to my harp pieces to be able to understand them better and find that it helps my interpretation immensely.
    Right now I?m very dedicated to my harp, and soon will be going to College to get my harp performance mayor, and though I miss ballet, I think id miss my harp even more.

    unknown-user on #167596

    You can certainly turn to the harp when your ballet days wind down as they always do. I studied ballet intensively as an adult. It was very helpful to my harp playing on an artistic level, as my teacher was very expressive and helped me open up as a performer. It also agreed with the arm position, as did ballroom dance. However, a lot of port de bras is not so great, as you are holding your arms in positions you need to play harp. This can lead to shoulder problems. If you love the harp, then I would do ballet on the side, for fun and rhythm, along with other kinds of dance. Harp is for life, Dance is for a season or two, and it can ruin your body in so many ways. I also think there is a lot more happening with the harp artistically, than with the ballet world these days. Ballet peaked long ago. Now it’s all about deformity and athletics. Not esthetics and art. But if you must dance, put on those red shoes and dance your heart out. What a way to go.

    unknown-user on #167597

    I have been doing ballet since I was seven and have been taking harp for a few months now. I love doing both and have a hard time choosing between one or the other. As long as you arn’t stressed out in school, ect. because of your outside activities I totally recomend doing both. Plus if one carear is not looking bright in the future you have a back up and you wont have regrets when you get older.

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