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    unknown-user on #167701


    I am in my third month of being in a catholic school in the
    massachusetts area. Lately, at my school theres been some not-so
    nice things going on ( i wont talk about them, you wouldnt wanna
    know)So, becuase of that little happening, im looking towards
    transfering to a different private school. I was contemplating
    different schools when I thought about schools for the arts. I was
    told about a school somewhere, a tuition free boarding high school
    for the arts. But i can’t remember what it was, and im currently out
    of contact with the person that gave me that information. So im
    wondering if anyone knows of a non-profit high school for the
    arts….anywhere in america. I am positive that I am going to major
    in harp for college. thanks!

    carl-swanson on #167702

    Steve- I think Walnut Hill(in Natick I think) is an arts school.

    unknown-user on #167703

    Yes carl, walnut hil is in natick, and i was actually going to apply there last year, but decided not to when i saw the $36,000 per year tuition….

    Evangeline Williams on #167704

    There’s one in Philadelphia that I believe is a public school.

    unknown-user on #167705

    If you are fairly advanced in your playing, then you should consider auditioning for the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Believe it or not, they do accept students younger than college-age. They move to Philadelphia and attend regular schools, and Curtis provides their music education tuition-free. You might inquire about a scholarship to the Phillips-Andover Academy which has a very good harp instructor, Emily Lewis. Or else you might be able to find a public school that is better.

    unknown-user on #167706

    I went to Baltimore School for the Arts in Baltimore, MD. It’s a public school so it’s free, but you have to audition to get in.

    unknown-user on #167707

    Im from Ireland, but Im 16, and have been playing the harp for 10 years.

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