Arthritis in my hands

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    lynda-jardine on #149543

    Does anyone have experience in minimizing the stiffness and arthritis in the fingers?

    diana-day on #149544

    I’m sorry you’re having this trouble. I had basal joint arthritis in one thumb when I started playing several years ago.I began taking Cosamin DS three times daily and went from being able to play ten or fifteen minutes to a couple of hours a day. I think it’s one of the few glucosamine supplements that’s batch tested to prove it has the ingredients on the label! I talked with a hand surgeon who said that sometimes operations on joints work, and sometimes they don’t.

    I hope your hand gets better, and soon!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149545

    You can have injections in the joints which can give relief for several months, and paraffin soaks are supposed to help. I don’t know about surgery.

    armande-fryatt on #149546

    Have you tried Cortaflex joint supplement?


    cynthy-johnson on #149547

    I had

    ali brown on #149548

    I am sure cortisone jabs help as a last resort . I would suggest u take cod liver oil liquid every day. you also need to think how you sleep, be sure you are sleeping on the opposite side to the issue, and always sleep with a special neck pillow.

    barbara-low on #149549

    Hi, Lynda. I’m sorry about what’s going on with your hands. Is your doctor recommending surgery?

    I would look into therapeutic massage and accupuncture. Somehow I had done something to my right hand thumb and found I couldn’t raise it (thumbs up) to play without considerable discomfort. I also had some dull pain in my wrists. I went to highly recommeneded acupuncturist who massaged my back, shoulders, arms and wrists and applied needles. My thumb is good as new and the wrist pain is a whole lot better. I’m going to continue to go as I have problems with my spine and am trying to avoid surgery.

    I also know of a harpist colleague who had difficulty with her 4th finger – can’t remember which hand – but she was playing a lot of 3 finger chords. She went to a physical therapist who worked on her shoulder and after a number of sessions, her 4th finger “worked” again. She hasn’t had any recurrance of the problem, last I heard.

    Hope you will be feeling better soon.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149550

    I would first try Blue Emu Oil and see if that helps. Injections of cortisone can help if in the right places. My doctor uses ultrasound to guide the needle for injections. Most don’t do that. Acupuncture should help the circulation. Unfortunately, we do get ailments that just interfere with playing.

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